Welcome to my new site!

Hey everyone! Welcome to my new site! I retired the old design I built in Adobe Muse (which that software is no longer officially supported by Adobe) and now I have constructed this new site using the WordPress CMS. This took a lot of experimentation and work but I think it is now at a place where I am pretty happy with it. The biggest challenges was to find the right combinations of a theme and plug-ins for WordPress that allowed me to get the exact fonts, colors, and layout that I wanted.

I found that one of the most essential plug-ins to have is Elementor, which allows you to format the layout of your pages and posts however you want! It really has a lot of great tools that is extremely easy to use. I also had to find additional plug-ins to get a contact form working, upload my Adobe fonts from TypeKit, and so much more. I hope you all enjoy it!

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