Twin Blades is a Esports Branding Concept specifically created to appeal the themes and designs of logos and branding seen in common “tier two” tournament systems like that of Overwatch Contenders or Valorant Challengers. The logo is designed as a clean self-contained seal intended to display nicely with common Esports graphic presentations. The goal of the brand is to show a warrior-like theme that is “twice as dangerous” as the competition.

The logo is planned to display a female samurai warrior. In order to create something that could contain the majority of the illustration within the logo, a variety of rough poses were sketched.

Once a pose was selected, the illustration was drafted out in Clip Studio Paint, and finalized in Adobe Illustrator. The illustration style is a cel-shaded so that it is easily recognizable at most scales and easily produced across both printed and digital mediums.

The illustration is then wrapped around an ellipse with the clipping mask shaped to allow the character to appear to be jumping out of the graphic.

Twin Blades Logo


  • Branding Concept and Identity
  • Target Audience: Esports, Video Games


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