The Summit Thornton VIP Lounge

The Summit Thornton’s VIP Lounge. Photographed by me in February 2019.

The Summit is Colorado’s premier entertainment destination since 2014 and I have been proud to help bring an enhanced look and feel to their existing branding elements. Since taking over as their graphic designer and social media coordinator, I looked to take the original branding elements which were developed by the Fort Collins, Colorado graphic design firm Sage Marketing, and find ways to bring a modern and up to date visual look to the brand. My goals included developing pieces that showcased The Summit as the place for the local community to enjoy the various entertainment amenities, including Bowling, arcade games, and their full-service restaurant which can compete even with national entertainment brands like that of Dave and Busters. A majority of my work included the creation of printed and digital marketing material for various promotions, bowling leagues, and social media content.


The Summit over the years worked to find ways to build on the relationships of its commercial partners, including Colorado’s local breweries. One outstanding partnership includes High Hops Brewery in Windsor, Colorado, which brews and distributes an exclusive lager to The Summit. Asked to create a logo for the new beer label, I was tasked with finding ways to combine the existing branding elements of both the Summit and High Hops branding elements. The result is a vibrant circular logo that displays the Summit’s signature mountain watermark combined with the trademark sun icon of the High Hops brand overlooking a large barley field. Bold colors of magenta, blue, and gold create a stunning illustration that celebrates Colorado’s rich history with craft beer.

The Summit Lager Logo


One of the most important services at The Summit has been its group events. Serving from parties of 10 to as much as 1,000, each of the three Summit locations provides delicious buffets, full entertainment options, and specialized services that accommodate any business meeting, corporate party, or family gathering, and kids’ birthday parties. With tasks including photography, photo editing, page layouts, and marketing, my work has reached out to hundreds of The Summit’s clients and was a key component in reaching record multi-million dollar group event sales in 2018.

The Summit Premium Event Packages Cover
2019 Holiday Event Postcard
2019 Kids Birthday Party Flyer


The Summit advertises its amenities and specials in various digital and printed formats. This includes letter flyers, posters, video screen ads, web graphics, and social media posts. Each new promotion requires that I create pieces for all of these formats and quickly. The key to my success is maintaining the company brand standard while also seeking new design styles that easily inform viewers of the specials that are offered.

Visit to see many of my marketing pieces displayed online.


The Summit has been the strongest real-time working experience in my graphic design career so far. My time here has provided me with over three full-time years of page layout, photography, icon design, and logo design experience all while supporting and enhancing their existing brand identity. This includes showing my competence to turn around projects within quick and reasonable deadlines based on the scope of each project and explore methods to provide visual solutions that provided a serious positive impact on their marketing efforts. I also successfully managed their various social media channels for all three locations including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram while also providing customer experience support through review platforms like Google Business, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and OpenTable. My career experience with the Summit is a testament to my desire to provide the most effective visual design solutions and social media interaction that modern entertainment industries demand today.

Some pieces shown uses licensed photographs or assets provided Adobe Stock, the Bowling Proprietors Association of America, or The Summit is a registered trademark of Performance Entertainment LLC.

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