Here you can find my latest and best major projects that I have completed as a graphic designer and illustrator. These are major initiatives that I have either completed as part of a class project, a work commission, or as a personal project to expand my skills as an artist.

MystWatch is a recent branding concept that I created for my own personal YouTube channel dedicated to the discussion and gameplay of my favorite video game, Overwatch, by Blizzard Entertainment. This included a logo design, typography selections, and a color scheme. This project also works to expand my skills in motion graphic design and video editing. Learn more >>

The class project in my Design and Technology class was to concept and design branded packaging for a new cell phone product by the fictional company called “Phonotech”. I used this class project as an opportunity to create a design that not only demonstrates my abilities so far as a graphic designer, but also as a concept illustrator. Learn more >>

The “Rush Entertainment” branding concept is a presentation of a created brand design based of a local business of my choice. I selected to base around the business concept of my current employer, a bowling entertainment center called The Summit. However, this is an entirely new brand concept that is created from scratch. Learn more >>

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