Hello, my name is Craig Simpson. Welcome to my portfolio website. I am a graphic designer currently looking for opportunities in the major video game, esports, or entertainment industries. Here you can see my portfolio, learn about my past experiences, or reach out to me if you are interested in my skills as a graphic designer. I am a recent graduate at the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design. I am also an adventurer who loves to play games, go camping, and loves good stories. Here you will learn about my adventure and what my goals are as I build my skill and career in graphic design. 

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Self Portrait


Franklin D Roosevelt Fireside Chat

Kinetic Type Video – Franklin D. Roosevelt Flag Day Speech

Pictured above: Franklin D. Roosevelt is giving one of his many fireside chat speeches during World War II. Source: This video is a kinetic typography project where I created a 15 to 20-second video based on a famous speech. Only text was used and animated throughout the video. Considering recent events regarding police brutality and various

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