Greetings Blizzard Entertainment

I greatly appreciate you taking the time to visit my portfolio site. I hope the video shows my enthusiasm for not only this graphic design position but my passion for the Overwatch League and what I hope to provide to it. There was a lot that went by in that video, so here are the video graphic examples that I worked on for that presentation below. Of course, I already have graphic design experience in other areas of my education and career and encourage you to browse through my full portfolio. You can learn more about me by clicking here. I also have my digital resume available by clicking here.


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This is a simple wipe intro example of what I think the next post-season advertisements would look like. Using a time lapse video of Los Angeles edited with a gradient overlay, simple white graphics enter from the left. The OWL Playoffs logo was modified based on what 2019’s logo looked like to show the upcoming 2020 season.

This is a simple looping animation of London Spitfire’s logo showing as if the plane in the shield is flying and shooting. Basically, my goal here was to show my capabilities of manipulating parts of the team branding to give it a more animated appearance without destroying the purpose of that branding. (Similar to the cheer bit emote animations used when Overwatch League originally aired on Twitch.)

This “Victory” clip of the San Francisco Shock is designed as a video graphic for specifically posting on social media channels like Twitter. Footage in the background comes from the Stage 2 Finals from the 2019 Season.

This is an action clip mostly intended with a promotional video appearance in mind. This clip showcases a highlight from a recent match between London Spitfire and Chengdu Hunters. Here the Hunters’ DPS main Jinmu, tags one of the opponents with a Pulse Bomb which chains together a quadruple elimination. This happens to the excitement of Overwatch League caster Seth King (Achilios) who screams “GETS THE STICK!” which the caption that flies by refers to.

Another demonstrative action clip intended for use in a promotional video. Here two self-destructs from the Chengdu Hunters D.Va and Echo gets key eliminations against the Tracer and Brigitte of the New York Excelsior. The text caption is time to each explosion. 

This video graphic would be a simple clip to highlight a map name, in this case the escort map Dorado. Intended for analysis segments like the Watchpoint Post Show.

This looping video clip was intended for the cover letter video itself, but the idea is to show my understanding how effectively creating footage for use in Social Media posts. In this example the orange and gray sections are to indicate what areas major text or graphics should not appear as they may get clipped off if the video is uploaded to certain sites without adjusting the actual video proportions. For example, Instagram effectively displays videos in a 3:4 portrait format.

This is a simple experiment with the Overwatch League Logo rendered in 3D with a backlight to give a dramatic entrance. Overwatch League’s branding standards currently doesn’t use many motion graphics rendered in 3D, however I wish to show that I am ready to work with 3D graphics to enhance future designs.

This title intro effectively introduces the Overwatch League logo flying in from the foreground effectively rendered in 3D. Combined with the exciting scene of the San Francisco Shock winning the 2019 Grand Finals, this would make an piece in a broadcast intro sequence.

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