Community Content for Overwatch

Creating content for one of my favorite video games, Overwatch, is a great way to stay up to date on my skills as a graphic designer, especially with motion design and video editing. Overwatch comes with some very extensive custom game and spectator tools, so combined with software like Illustrator and After Effects, I can make some pretty good content that benefits the community. Here are some of the latest pieces that I have created.

This video on YouTube demonstrates one of the latest Experimental Balance Patches being tested on Overwatch. This video consists of using Overwatch’s custom game and spectator tools. Use of After Effects motion, transition, and keynote 1.2 effects are applied.

This is a fun little demonstration of using Overwatch’s “Workshop Green” map to showcase how easy it is to create a marketing graphic. Adobe After Effects Keynote 1.2 is used to create the green screen key.

Of course I do love to make a good meme every now and then. This little animation primarily demonstrates the use of After Effects 3D camera positioning and rotoscoping to transpose my own joke graphic into a scene from Overwatch’s Recall Animated Short

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