Chibi Palia Illustrations

Chibi Tish

Over the last week or so, I have been having fun making some chibi illustrations of some of the characters seen in the upcoming game Palia from Singularity 6. These have been well received by the community. Which character should I work on next?

Palia Meme Templates

My time participating in the official Palia Discord Community has been an enlightening and positive experience. As mentioned in a previous blog post, I love to make memes based on the available content we currently have about Singularity 6’s new game in development. Many of them are static memes with working templates to customize for a new joke. The community has requested that I gather all the available meme templates for everyone to create their own memes.

Community Content for Palia

Knock on the Door meme

I am greatly interested in the new game Palia® by Singularity Six®. While we don’t know much about the upcoming title other than knowing it is an immersive community simulation MMO, engaging with its Discord community has been a real treat. I have been able to create some humorous memes that poke fun at the Palia® announcement trailer.

OWL May Melee Poster

May Melee Poster

In celebration of the May Melee tournament for the 2021 season of the Overwatch League, I created this fun photo composite poster combining elements from the Overwatch game and photos of the players from the four advancing teams into the May Melee tournament.

Community Content for Overwatch

This was a fun motion video project that shows my skills with Adobe After Effects. In the Overwatch player community, I have been seeing a lot of questions about a recent change to the game’s ranked competitive mode and this video works to address that.

“Becoming Nicole” Film Title Sequence

"Becoming Nicole" Film Title Cover

This video is a 2-minute film title sequence based on the biography “Becoming Nicole” by Amy Ellis Nutt, which tells about the life story of LBGTQ+ activist and actor Nicole Maines. The goal of this project was to create a series of moments of Nicole Maines’ life. This goal was accomplished through a series of publically sourced photographs, which were then sequenced to appear flying through a 3D space. This film title sequence demonstrates my abilities using the complex 3D animation tools of After Effects, audio editing, and video editing.

Kinetic Type Video – Franklin D. Roosevelt Flag Day Speech

Franklin D Roosevelt Fireside Chat

Pictured above: Franklin D. Roosevelt is giving one of his many fireside chat speeches during World War II. Source: This video is a kinetic typography project where I created a 15 to 20-second video based on a famous speech. Only text was used and animated throughout the video. Considering recent events regarding police brutality and various […]

“Kingdom in the Sky” Set Extension

A photographic set extension is taking multiple unique photos and combining them into a single composition and add in additional details and effects to create a unique setting. This is a common practice used in many video game and hollywood movie productions. For this project a scene of the Western Scotland Railway is combined with […]

Illustration: “Rime Sombra”

This illustration was created as my submission for the Overwatch Community Tree project hosted by the Overwatch Development Team at Blizzard Entertainment. This included making a greeting card and a tree ornament. It was featured in a video on Overwatch’s official Twitter Channel. Cheers, love! The holidays are here! Thanks for powering up our tree, […]