Hello there, my name is Craig Simpson and thank you for visiting my website. I am a student at the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design. I am also an adventurer who loves to play games, go camping, and loves good stories. Here you will learn about my adventure and what my goals are as I build my skill and career in graphic design.

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I love video games and I have been playing video games all of my life. In fact, I wanted to start a career in video games. When I was younger, I wanted to study Computer Science and Internet Design, however trying to master coding and and develop software was not for me. However did love classes like learning Photoshop and Web Graphic design. In a sense, I began my career as a graphic design many years ago, though I didn’t realize it. So after taking time away from my education, I restarted with an intent to pursue a graphic design degree. In fact it is thanks to a certain video game that I love playing nearly every day that got me inspired to resume my education. In time, I hope I can complete my goal by finding a great video game or entertainment company where my skills as a graphic designer will be able to bring to life the next big franchise in entertainment. My determination has not wavered either. I maintain a solid 4.0 GPA in my college. I am working to establish relationships and contacts with industry professionals both in graphic design and in video game marketing. I believe within a short matter of time, I will succeed in acquiring a role that will benefit myself and the industry that I wish to continue to support. Cheers!

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Q. So if you love video games so much, why not game art design or video game development?

A. Because I know I can contribute more to a company by focusing on my skills and talents as an artist. I have been passionate for graphic design for as long as I can remember and I believe I can forge that passion with my passion for video games. 

Q. Do you do any freelance work?

Yes. Anything that can help me build experience. I will be happy to make arrangements for one-time jobs. Please contact me if you are interested.

Q. What are your favorite video games?

A. My current all-time favorite is Overwatch® by Blizzard Entertainment®. I also enjoy many Nintendo® favorites such Super Mario Bros.®, The Legend of Zelda®, and Pokemon®. I also enjoy StarCraft II®, Minecraft®, and many great video arcade games.

Q. I heard that you are Blizzard® forum MVP. What is that?

A. With Overwatch® currently one of my favorite video games to play, I greatly support the player community. I do this by helping other players with some technical issues or any questions they have on the official game forums. I do this because it helps me enjoy the game I like to play better too!

Q. Is it true that you make a wickedly good taco pizza?

A. I make an incredibly good taco pizza. I will be happy to make anyone who is considering on hiring me a taco pizza.

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