Hello, my name is Craig Simpson and welcome to my portfolio website. I am a graphic designer currently looking for opportunities in the major video game, esports, or entertainment industries. Here you can see my portfolio, learn about my past experiences, or reach out to me if you are interested in my skills as a graphic designer.


Overwatch Competitive Play Excess Time Bank Rule

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This was a fun motion video project that shows my skills with Adobe After Effects. In the Overwatch player community, I have been seeing a lot of questions about a recent change to the game’s ranked competitive mode and this video works to address that.

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This is my 2020 Personal Logo and Branding Concept. This includes logo design, typography, themed colors, and example branded elements.

This logo and branding concept has been accepted into Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design’s 2020 Student Exhibition. Learn more »

As my current employer, The Summit provides me with the opportunity to bring new design solutions to their brand of premier entertainment centers across Colorado.  Learn more »

The “Rush Entertainment” branding concept is a presentation of a created brand design based of a local business of my choice. I selected to base around the business concept of my current employer, a bowling entertainment center called The Summit. However, this is an entirely new brand concept that is created from scratch. Learn more »


Hello there, my name is Craig Simpson and thank you for visiting my website. I am a student at the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design. I am also an adventurer who loves to play games, go camping, and loves good stories. Here you will learn about my adventure and what my goals are as I build my skill and career in graphic design. Learn more »

Craig at Rocky Mountain National Park